The picture of…

“The horror, whatever it was, had not yet entirely spoiled that marvellous beauty.”

But probably, the pessimistic and clear-sighted thinking Oscar Wilde is not always right.

Zitat: Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Foto & Text: © 2010 Martin Grötzschel



  1. Lebe die Kunst.

    Dann, genau dann, gibt es sowieso nur noch das Gesicht hinter dem Gesicht.
    Die Tiefe hinter der Fläche.

    Keine Schönheit oder nur Schönheit.

    In ALLEM.



  2. There are many temptations in life that can turn beauty into a distorted and twisted grimace. Being young has the advantage of not having been exposed to too many of those.

    The real test is when you grow old and you can sustain that beauty over time.

    Then and only then you will be able to look into your own face and will not be terrified by the image you see.



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