Video Tutorial: Editing Leica M Monochrom images in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro

A couple of days ago I had an interesting discussion with one of my Facebook visitors: She had bought a Leica M Monochrom quite some time ago but had hardly ever used it because the images she was getting straight out of the camera were flat and dull.

But she was clearly amazed by the tonal range of an image I had just posted – yet it had good contrast and punch. That got us into quite a nice exchange about photo editing. She said that she was rather wary of dealing with any photo editing since she had never really done it and has always used the images coming pretty much straight out of her DSLR she is normally using which clearly doesn’t work with the Monochrom’s DNGs.

That got me thinking, since in all honesty it’s really not that complicated to do some basic adjustments in Lightroom to increase contrast and adjust exposure so the admittedly flat images coming out of the Monochrom look more pleasing.

So I decided to record a simple tutorial specifically for editing Monochrom raw files. I do not claim that the way I edit my images is THE way to do it. It is merely MY way of doing it that will hopefully help you in getting more out of your MM photographs and enjoy this great camera even more.

I would appreciate you sharing your experience with editing Monochrom (or any other camera’s) raw images either here or directly in the comments section of my Youtube video.

Lightroom Tutorial for Leica M Monochrom


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