Quick Poll: How do you “Street”?

When I was strolling through the city today with my camera in the bag I was wondering how you fellow street photographers approach street photography.

Do you always take your camera with you in case you find an interesting subject to capture like I do? Or do you go out on “street hunts” specifically and then and only then have your camera with you. Perhaps because you are using a DSLR and don’t want to schlepp around your gear all the time?

Me being one of the first species I appreciate the ability to have my camera almost always ready. I used to go around with a DSLR only occasionally and then hated it when I saw something appealing to photograph and then just didn’t have my camera with me.

And I believe the opportunities as a result of having my camera with me all the time are enormous. As I had pointed out in another blog post it is more challenging to make the world directly around us more appealing. Things we are exposed to every day tend to get boring and uninteresting. So for me as a photographer who is on his daily routine going to a meeting, for lunch or to the gym it is a challenge to either find something interesting or put something that is per se uninteresting in a different perspective that makes it stand out and therefore a good photograph. And aren’t it challenges that make us better as a photographer? I recently found a blog that seems to prove my point as well by going out on a 365 day venture of daily photo hunts.

So please tell me in the comments and the poll: what type of street photographer are you? The daily shooter or the dedicated hunter :)?

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