Second Thoughts?

Street Interview

“Street Interview” © 2014 Jan Gütter (Leica MP | Fuji Velvia 50)

Do you also have these occasional second thoughts about your own photos?

It’s interesting how the way you judge your own photos can change over time. I was sifting through my Lightroom catalog this morning and stumbled over a number of photos that I hadn’t touched or even published since I probably thought they weren’t worth it back when I made the photos. Some of those images, however, really caught my eye now, and I thought, hang on a minute, why hadn’t I processed some of these, for they didn’t look that unworthy now.

The image in this post is one of those examples. I can remember that I had tried it a number of times before to find a crop or subtle post that would make the picture stand out a bit. But never really had the right clue. It was only this morning that I thought of combining the obvious TV interview theme with an adequate crop of 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) to give it a film-like look.

And there you go. Let me know if you agree with the idea in the comments below.

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