The Getty LA

No one can visit LA without seeing the Getty Center up on a hill in the Northwest of LA. Admittance to the museum itself is free, only if you arrive by car you pay for parking which is really fair. The architecture is stunning and has served as a futuristic backdrop for many movies. One of the latest was “Star Trek Into Darkness” where it featured Starfleet Headquarters.

I spent almost five hours there, and still wasn’t even remotely able to see everything. The site is huge and has a wide variety of contemporary and classic exhibitions on display. Because of that overwhelming breadth of exhibitions I decided to get on a guided tour which took about two hours and gave a great overview. I then digged a bit deeper in some of the exhibitions on my own which proved to be quite a good compromise.

I particularly enjoyed the tour through the Robert Mapplethorpe special exhibition. I think it’s save to say that he is one of my favorite photographers. Extremely controversial yet blessed with an incredibly strong sense for how pictures can trigger the viewer’s senses – from a content perspective but also lighting and composition.

Over the next days I will be posting more pictures of The Getty Center. So make sure you check back regularly (or subscribe).

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