Leica SL | Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH. | ISO 50 | 1/250s | f/8

Sometimes I struggle to stick to a certain style which I suppose great photographers develop over time, so when you see their images you immediately know it’s their very own work. I on the other hand seem to adapt every single time my style (if I have any) to the image and motive I’m dealing with when editing it. You could call that somewhat random – which it probably is.

The images in this post may serve as a good example. They were all taken during a hike and are landscape pictures. The picture above I shot in the Bohemian mountains during a pretty chilly and windy hike. Although I took it in color with my Leica SL later in post I decided it would look better in black and white with pretty harsh contrast reflecting the somewhat adverse weather conditions. So I went for it.

The two pictures below I took with my iPhone XS in the midst of the vineyards on a warm and sunny autumnal afternoon. The new XS got a great built-in camera, and as many smart photographers before me said: “The best camera is the one that you have with you.” And mostly that’s your phone. But then of course, despite the fact that the camera in the new “XS” is the best smartphone camera there probably is to date, there are certain limitations which again would distort your photographic “style” if you had any to begin with.

iPhone XS | 6mm | ISO 16 | 1/400s | f/2.4
iPhone XS | 6mm | ISO 16 | 1/1200s | f/2.4

In the end there is probably merit to both approaches of either sticking to a certain style to be recognizable or to adapt to the situation and motive. My Instagram feed (or even this blog) is never going to look as monolithic as many feeds of accomplished photographers I tend to follow. But I guess that’s alright too :).

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