Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Recently I had the privilege to be able to extend a business trip for a few days to go to Las Vegas. I had been in Vegas before, so this time the main venture was really the Grand Canyon to explore something new. Since from Vegas a car ride would have meant pretty much an all day trip with a four-hour drive each way we decided to take a more airy vehicle. I hope you enjoy my little video of that unforgettable helicopter ride as much as I enjoyed the actual trip.

New Lightroom 5 Tutorial: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

One way of speeding up your workflow in Lightroom and making it more efficient is to use keyboard shortcuts instead of moving around with your mouse.

In this tutorial I go through the most commonly used shortcuts and explain how and in which context they work best.

Enjoy watching and please let me know if it’s helpful and more importantly where I have made mistakes and what I can further improve.

“Moving Pictures”

One might ask why a photographer bothers with Youtube. I thought so too until I realized that many people do prefer “moving” pictures over the static display of photographs in a more traditional way. Others say making a “video” of images is just distracting and can even distort the meaning of a picture or loose the viewer’s attention by leading the viewer’s eye out of the picture or to an area with no content.

I believe that both aspects are reasonable and both have merits. While a “classic” photographer and one who is used and trained to viewing static images might not really appreciate the idea of making a video out of pictures, people who usually watch videos might in fact well do. And the issue of “disctraction” can be managed by editing the video in a way that the “panning” is leading the eye towards the area of focus and not away from it.

But enough said, please see for yourself and let me know your thoughts:

For those who prefer the “classic” way here is the more static version of my photographs :):